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    Through affiliation with the University of Massacheusetts Lowell (UMASS Lowell), the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) is proud to introduce UMAS Lowell’s DifferenceMaker program to ULAB students. Keeping in line with the original spirit of DifferenceMaker ULAB would be using a range of difference activities geared toward expanding our students’ understanding of how they can make a difference in the world.

    What is DifferenceMaker®?

    DifferenceMaker is a campus-wide program that helps students solve problems and pursue their ideas, with a focus on having a positive impact in the world. DifferenceMaker provides students with resources to solve their problems and make their ideas into realities. Even if students don’t have ideas, they can still get involved!

    DifferenceMaker Resources:

    • Funding
    • Mentorship
    • Team building
    • Workshops/skill building
    • Presentation coaching
    • Legal advice

    Benefits to Students Participating in DifferenceMaker Events and Competitions:

    • Resume builder/a way to differentiate yourself from your peers
    • Win funding and pursue your idea
    • Network with high level individuals
    • Gain job offers
    • Have a safe place to fail
    • Learn how to work in a diverse team
    • Meet new friends
    • Build time management and written/verbal communication skills
    • Learn how to craft a compelling presentation and sell an idea

    DifferenceMaker sponsors specific programs and activities that support students in solving big problems through innovative and entrepreneurial action.

    We already know our students do make a difference, our many successful alumni are evidence of this, but rather than waiting for future graduates to discover their chosen career path, we introduce academic and extracurricular programs that specifically engage our students in innovative and entrepreneurial problem-solving.

    DifferenceMaker provides training, mentoring and other resources to ULAB students who wish to address social, environmental and economic problems in our community. In addition, our partner, IPDC Finance Limited, encourages the development of entrepreneurial ventures and leaders through competitions and leadership training programs.


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